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The ocean never ceases to amaze us. The vast array of vibrant colors that dart back and forth, the diversity of life that encircles and glides gracefully alongside us, makes us realize how lucky we are to be a guest in their home. There is no other feeling like experiencing the underwater world, and I am sure every swimmer, snorkeler and scuba diver can attest to this. In the ocean, daily troubles seem to suddenly disappear, because the pull from the breath of the sea overwhelms us. We become immersed in its expansive and endless environment, allowing calm, liberating, and peaceful bliss to gently flow into our minds and bodies. But the scary thing is, without coral reefs, this could all be gone in a split second. 

Image by Francesco Ungaro


Coral reefs only cover 0.2% of the oceanic floor, yet they generate 50% of the oxygen we breathe and absorb 33% of the carbon dioxide we generate. Reefs are the foundation of biodiversity, without them, tourism and fishing industries would cease to exist: millions of livelihoods lost. In Thailand alone, the loss of coral reef systems dramatically accelerated from 30% to 75% in just a decade due to warming temperatures contributing to the bleaching of corals and the 5.25 trillion macro and micro pieces of plastic in our ocean. Due to man-made problems, coral reefs may be completely eradicated by 2050. 


Image by Francesco Ungaro


That powerful and humbling call of the ocean could be lost forever, replaced by dead whispers of what there once was. We cannot let coral reefs become another element of the delicate environment humans have carelessly taken advantage of yet failed to care for. 


We must act now. It is simply not enough to be aware of the issue, because awareness means nothing unless it yields action. Caring is what is important. Caring about the sustainability of our oceans and the sustainability of our lives in the future means that you are ready to make an impact. This is why the Care for Coral initiative is so essential, because we strive to help plant the future. Our mission is to create, educate, and rehabilitate. We create opportunities for people like me and you to construct and deploy coral formations all throughout Thailand. 

Image by Francesco Ungaro
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